Nissan R35 GT1R Stage 3 3.8 Long Block

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  • Diamond Pistons, rings, upgraded pins 
  • Manley rods
  • GT1R head and main stud kit
  • ATI Harmonic Damper
  • GT1R Oil Pan
  • OEM Nissan bearings, gasket kit, OEM tensioners, guides, water pump, seals, etc. 
  • Machine work on short block
  • Balance rotating assembly
  • Blueprint & assemble long block
  • GT1R CNC Ported & Polished Cylinder Heads
  • 3 Angle Valve Job
  • Ferrea high pressure valve springs, oversized SS valves, titanium retainers, spring locators, bronze valve guides
  • GT1R Camshafts
  • GT1R MLS Head Gasket


  • Customer must provide good head, block, and crank
  • This price does not include any shipping fees.  Please contact us regarding pricing, as costs will vary depending upon location.