4B11T Evo X Long Block Grade A Garage Race Spec

Regular price $17,250.00

Customer must provide good head, block, crank, and timing chain cover. 

TRACK PROVEN!  The Grade A Garage Race Spec 4B11 is the same long block used in "The Tan Can" powering it to an 8.0 at 180 MPH, making it he 2nd fastest Evo X in the world!  If you are looking to make a statement on the drag strip, then this is the long block to do it! This engine offers our custom spec pistons and rods that took us years of testing to figure out the right combination.  Also included are Darton Sleeves, fully ported head, full valvetrain, Fluidampr harmonic crank balancer, exhaust MIVEC delete, and a Moroso oil pan.  This engine is a sealed long block, all you need is to install your valve cover and drop in your car!  Compression Ratio is 9.5:1

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